For those who want to both travel and earn dollars, we have prepared a list of the most sustainable and realistic jobs that can be done on the internet! Here are 20 ways on how to make $1000 per month online!


1. Start a Blog

You can work freely with your laptop at home, at Starbucks, or in another country if you want.

You can write about anything. Blogging is not a business method that makes money quickly.

However, since blogs have many income models today, they can generate income with a high conversion rate from the traffic they receive.

If you can continue to create stable content; You can earn thousands of dollars per month with affiliate links, optimized quality ad networks and sponsored posts.

The nice thing about being a blogger is that you can start very cheap these days. By using a web service such as Bluehost, you can provide the storage service of your site for very small fees.


2. Freelance Writing

Writing articles or other content for businesses and blogs can help you meet your immediate cash needs. In contrast to launching your own blog, this provides immediate cash flow and is not a long-term passive income plan.

There are many companies and individuals that will pay you to write on their website. You can use freelance sites like Fiverr and Upwork to get a job.

Your earnings will vary based on your experience and how much time you dedicate each day. Once you’ve honed your freelance writing talents, you’ll be able to effortlessly earn an extra $1,000 to $2,000 each month.


3. Proofreading

Working remotely is an excellent method make money. You can charge by the hours or pages. Based on your own experience and sources as a proofreader making $1000 per month isn’t hard in any way.

4. YouTube Channel

People are now shifting to video as it is easier to consume, as opposed to written material. Setting up a YouTube channel to serve as a passive source of income is a smart idea.

Your subscriber count will increase if you submit videos on a regular basis and your content is not widely distributed. When you reach the required viewing time and number of subscribers the feature to monetize your channel will be enabled.

5. Social Media Manager

If you’re good at social media marketing, consider promoting yourself as an online social media manager.

Businesses are willing to pay someone $20 to $50 an hour to take care of their social media presence. You can even work with influencers or brands on your own site and earn an extra $1000 per month!

For this job, you don’t need a degree or to be extremely tech knowledgeable.

You just need to be mindful of what kind of social media posts will work and how brands should approach social media marketing.


6. Sell Crafts Online

Many people begin side-businesses selling their products online and earn $1,000 a month through the passive income. It is possible to do this by selling your products on platforms like Etsy, eBay, or even your personal website.

Etsy is among our top platforms to sell handmade items images, prints and much other items. With Etsy you are able to set the prices of your products and run the store you own.


7. E-Book Author

Publishing an ebook online yourself is a great way to earn an extra $1000 per month and earn money from home with passive income.
One way to sell ebooks is to set up a blog or online store website. People can buy your ebook there or you can also sell ebooks on Amazon.

8. Facebook Ads

Earn $1,000 per month by creating and running Facebook ads for local companies!

If you have any extra time on weekends, there are opportunities for local businesses to increase revenue by setting up and running Facebook ads.

There is a great need for experienced people in this field, and you can enter by taking digital marketing training from Udemy.

9. Create a Podcast

Do you have a passion for having conversations with or sharing with others? Earn money by creating your own podcast as a side hustle!

There are a variety of platforms available online for those looking to create their own radio show. One of them is Anchor, BlogTalkRadio or iTunes.


10. Sell Stock Photographs

Perhaps you have a photographic talent but don’t want to photograph your client’s wedding day.

Perhaps you have some amazing images that you’ve saved onto your drive?

Why not make them available online and earn an additional $1000 per month?

There are a variety of ways to sell stock images. You could use an app like Stocksy or iStockPhoto to sell them, or you could upload them to sites like Shutterstock!


11. Website Designer

Why not offer your skills to folks who do not know how to develop websites? As a freelance website designer, you can get paid to build someone else’s website!

Depending on the cost of the site and the time it takes to develop, this could make you an extra $1,000 every month.


12. Sell Printables Online

Making printables might be a terrific side hustle to earn additional money if you’re a craftsman who enjoys the arts.

There are many ways to create prints and sell them on the internet.

People are captivated by the prospect of purchasing printable calendars, planners, and lists on the internet.

All you require is a program such as Canva or Microsoft Powerpoint, a printer and some time to understand how to print your output and access to an Internet connection to begin!

Websites such as Etsy or Creative Market are ways people purchase and sell digital goods.


13. Watch TV and Videos

Did you know you can make money by watching videos and television?

Simply sign up for Swagbucks and InboxDollars to view videos and do online surveys.

When you watch a movie or use particular apps, you gain points. You may exchange your points for PayPal cash, gift cards to famous retailers such as Walmart and Target, and $10 Amazon eGift Cards, among other things.

These sites will also provide you with a registration bonus. That is why you can sign up and earn money for watching your favorite shows!

14. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing refers to when you promote a product of someone else. You receive a percentage of the proceeds when the customers purchase the product you’re advertising.

This strategy can be extremely profitable if you are aware of the kinds of items people are looking to purchase. It is important to conduct your research and select your affiliate links carefully!


15. Graphic Design

If you have a gift for creating gorgeous images and visualizations, you should apply for this job. Most firms engage a graphic designer to create logos, banners, advertisements, and websites. A fantastic method to earn money online!

You may promote your freelance graphic designer skills online by joining services like Flex Jobs or Fiverr. A fantastic site for finding work and getting paid at the same time!

You can also showcase your abilities on sites such as Behance. Many business owners make use of logos, advertising images, and so on. He looks there for ideas.


16. Online Tutor

Do you possess a degree or have expertise in a specific area? You could teach online to earn extra revenue.

The teaching of English over the internet is a well-known technique of instruction, but other disciplines such as math, physics, and even music can also be taught this way!

There are many ways to earn money with platforms like as well as Chegg. These platforms can provide teachers with students in need of assistance.

Students can also be located by posting on university and school bulletin boards, Facebook groups, bulletin boards, or local media.

17. Transcription

Do you have excellent listening and writing abilities? Transcription is another online freelance job you may do to make money.

Transcription is the process of converting audio and visual data into written formats such as word documents, pdf files, and web pages.

You can work on almost any subject, including personal or business meetings, conferences, speeches, and interviews.

With decoding, you can set your own fees and earn money on the side. Now is a great time to look for transcription work on sites like Scribie and Rev!



18. Create Business Courses

A single of the most effective ways to earn $1000 one month from an income stream that is passive at home is to design web-based business courses.

It is possible to use a myriad of platforms you can use to create your business-related courses. They are Udemy, Teachable, and even your own website.

All you need is a laptop, as well as the necessary skills to create engaging courses. If you can make this side business work, you could be on the way to earning $1,000 per month!

You can use a camera to record your movies, then publish them to YouTube and incorporate them in an online learning course.


19. E-Commerce Store

How do you feel about earning money while you sleep?

You can use Shopify to create your own e-commerce store or sell things on Amazon.

Develop a business strategy before starting your e-commerce store, think about how you will source and distribute your products, what your goals are, and create your brand story.


20. Surveys for Money

Do you enjoy taking surveys? There are numerous methods to earn money online by taking surveys!

Some of our favorite survey sites include Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, InboxDollars, and MyPoints.

Sign up for one or two survey sites and give them your demographic information!

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