The new variant of the Corona virus, which emerged in South Africa, had a bad effect on all world markets. Cryptocurrency investors predict that Bitcoin will come out of this process stronger as before.

He excited everyone by including Bitcoin in a scene in the last episode of South Park. South Park, an animated series for adults, makes humor by criticizing social events. 7 seasons of South Park are also available on Netflix.

In the last episode of South Park, there is an interesting Bitcoin detail in the scene of the year 2040. The character who wants to make a hotel reservation is greeted by a reception desk that only accepts Bitcoin.

Although interest in Bitcoin is increasing around the world, there has been a decrease in Bitcoin prices in recent days. Bitcoin is struggling to break above the $55,000 resistance line.

The decline in all world markets is thought to be caused by the new variant of the Corona virus. This new type of Corona virus is said to be more contagious than the Delta variant. A clear statement has not yet been made about whether the current vaccines are effective against new variant.

Countries have started to take some precautions against the new variant. On March 13, 2020, when the corona epidemic was first announced to the world, there was a similar decline in all markets. During this period, Bitcoin fell to around $ 2800. After recovering for a long time, Bitcoin quickly entered an upward trend. Let’s see if history repeats itself this time.

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